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  welcome to godmeat, a book for the faint and hearty, woosy and bluzy, alive and kicking it...buy my book here, ramble around, read some blogs, enjoy as much and as often, as possible!
May 2008---Fort Bragg, Cafe Internet...had an easy, sunny, coastal time reading up north on Friday night. Poet Lynn Stoller invited me to share with the first friday group up there, and that is when Gordon Black captured this image. Toby Lurie and I did one of his duets, Oasis, Jacquilyn, Gordon, Jay, Lynn, Lilly, and others read some great stuff... I love poetry.
April 2008---This picture was taken by Mathew Parker at while I was reading from godmeat recently at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach. This reading was sponsored by Philip Hackett, as part of the Poet's Gallery Series, and also included readings by poet H.D. Moe (sounding from his lastest book: "Wingéd Wows") & Richard Gross (The Poets). Listeners and readers were colorfully, thoughtfully surrounded by the Art Work of Elly Simmons & Torrie Nomissen. It was a rich commune with art and words, piloting lights of imagining and feeding the soul of this country mouse.

March 5, 2008---back from puerto vallarta...had a thorough trip...the highlights, mexican wrestling, a modern/pagan dance show on a secluded island, a bullfight (not a highlight, but now i can never go again!), sailing, a private island, lots of young coco juice breakfasts and grilled fish lunches, the real vallarta (a city within the city called pital), and every day swimming in the pacific...plus four books and many pages of journal, a couple of collages and a few drawings...i love having so much time to do all the things i love, quiet things which often get swept aside for my life as a productive working creative human...that is why i bought my bus in 1999, and gave up all my jobs, and then slowly, new jobs have replaced the old ones...i should not complain, as i am highly employable, even though i cannot have a boss!

the down side of puerto vallarta is all the rich tourism, in otherwords the mansions going up on the hillsides and all the condos and time share resorts dotting the coast...they got rid of the only mangrove forest left in the puerto vallarta coastline, replacing it with three massive buildings i took to calling the triple towers...many many red and fat white people roaming the streets drunk on margaritas and coco locos...gross, and subjective....they were having a great time...as was i, i just had to ignore them peacefully...another positive side, is that vallarta is known as the mexican rivera, so many many mexican tourists among the gaggles...my favorite family observation happened at our favorite beachfront fish stand, with plastic tables and umbrellas and mexican families (rather than the posher ones all around us)...at sunset, as we sat and drank beer, seven pre-teen girls ranging in age between 9 and 14 buried their father (or uncle, but definitely an older, trusted relative) in the sand...as he laid there smiling, they first covered all but his head, then they gave him breasts (with a hibiscus bud for the right nipple and a shell for the left), a pregnant belly, a cock and balls (a long one that pointed straight against his belly), and a mermaid tail...their delight over our delight made the sunset even more exquisite..that plus the instigator, who was as cheeky as she was pretty.

February 13, 2008---Some people are asking me, why godmeat ? Can you guess? Perhaps to shock the people who think I'm a sensitive-vegan-pc-biodiesel-aren't-i-holier-than-the-strip-mall sort of writer...perhaps because I like the idea of meat and all the fun ways to play with it...maybe it is a way to ground my obsession with the vast over-quoted mystery known as god...all these are true, and more than anything else, it is my love of compound word play. Chris and I were sitting at home one night last summer after a long day in the yard, and the phrase simply came out of me in response to something he said.   We both looked at each other and guffawed, and I wrote the “word” in my journal and forgot about it. But a few weeks later, bereft of a book title, I turned to my journal, and as I was flipping through, there it was, bold and red. Now you know…perhaps I should have left it as a mystery!

January 28, 2008---One more minor mystery solved. What is a poem movie? Anyone who has bought the book knows, but if you haven't, it is a spoken poem set enhanced with video, still imagery, crude animation (at least in my novice case), text, and final cut pro effects; it is not me reading a poem for a camera...though i do appear in the videos, just not as a context of the speaker of the poem.

January 7, 2008---Well, I am finally finished, ready to put up my website and let her rip. Now I get to sit back and read, write new stuff, take walks, and come up with the next creative adventure. I'm extremely grateful to HD Moe and Doug Rees of Beatitude Press for getting me off my stack of poems and into a book. It feels good to have such an archive, and godmeat is the first bigger run (this one is 1000) that includes color artwork. Moe asked me to put a book out with Beatitude, a press with a long list of stellar bay area poets, over three years ago (wow, has it really been that long?) and I took my time, as I've been ensconsed in life as it happens.  As Robert Burke says, "I don't need to make art, I am art."

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